kayak trip to Västra Vidskär in stockholm archipelago

Kayak trip to the Stockholm Archipelago

If you want to see the true magic of the outer islands of Stockholm, then there’s no better way than taking a kayak trip to the Stockholm archipelago. Depending on your experience you may need to take a guided trip, of which there are many English speaking providers, or if you’re more experienced a confident, you can just hire a kayak and equipment from one of the same providers, or alternatively from one of the kayak clubs or hire shops who don’t provide guides.

It’s not uncommon for you to see paddlers cruising round the centre of town in amongst the main shipping lanes, which is certainly a great way to see central Stockholm from a different angle, but my personal opinion is that you need to get out into the real outer archipelago to experience the best that the area has to offer.

kayak trip to Västra Vidskär in stockholm archipelago

a lovely camping spot for the evening

This photo is taken from Västra Vidskär on a trip I went on one summer. We picked up our kayaks in Runmarö and then paddled across the sea, hopping from island and island to make the open water stretches short, before stopping off here for the evening and setting up camp. It was a truly magical experience. We’d been chased by thunder storms on the way out but they were so small and localised that we managed to avoid them. As the sun set over Stockholm in the evening, we watched them pass by our little island, which is what the above flickr link shows.

The good thing about kayaking in this area, is that even if you’re a beginner, if you’ve got a guide with you, the open water stretches are short and you can get right out into the true archipelago without feeling at risk.

Typical companies which run this type of trip would be:


or maybe


I’ve travelled and hired kit from both of them. Stockholm adventures caters more to the short term visitor tourist trade and runs from the centre of town and will arrange packages, whereas kajak uteliv are based up in the northern archipelago and have more Swedish guests (although they do of course speak English). I did a couple of safety courses with them as well as few years back. When I was last there they were also good for just hiring kayaks and camping gear as well.

If you don’t fancy arranging your own trips manually when you get there, you can book a kayak tour in Stockholm directly here through our partner site.

if you fancy just having a quick go around town or in the suburbs, then you can hire kayaks for just a couple of hours from many places, 1 of which is

Brunnsviken Kayak Club

I was a member here. These guys are very close to the Stockholm university and are based on the edge of Brunnsviken which is a nice quiet lake to practice on, however it has access to open water if you want to go further afield. Their website isn’t targetted at tourists, but their prices are some of the best on town, especially if you fancy just practising for an hour or 2. As I mentioned in this other post you can even paddle up Edsviken easily from here for an hour or 2 and come to some great beaches and swimming places.






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