Finnhamn Stockholm archipelago

Kayak round Finnhamn in the Stockholm archipelago

As I’ve noted elsewhere, taking a kayak to the Stockholm archipelago is one of the more wonderful ways to see the area. However doing a full kayak trip for several days is not always everyone’s cup to tea, so sometimes it’s just nice to take a quick tour for a couple of hours. You can easily do that in central Stockholm like this in example but sometimes it’s nice to get right out of town into the outer Stockholm archipelago, take a short kayak trip, but also have a decent bed for the night.

Finnhamn Stockholm archipelago

see views like this as you kayak round Finnhamn

One of my favourite places to do this is Finnhamn. It’s quite a long way out from central Stockholm, in that it takes almost 2 hours to get there even on the faster Cinderella boats, but it’s well worth the wait, and in truth, there’s not much better than a 2 hour boat trip through the Stockholm archipelago anyway! Once you’re in Finnhamn there’s not a huge amount to do if you like the city party scene, but if you like tranquility and the sea, then you’re in the right place. You can just about make it for a day trip if you don’t mind the travelling, but many people will stay in the youth hostel there or camp in the camp ground.

I’d recommend the youth hostel myself, as it’s a lovely old traditional building, in a superb position looking out over the water from one of the higher points on the island. They have the usual high quality STF facilities there, which includes some small cabins in the grounds of the hostel, which is where I stayed last time I was there.

In the daytime opening hours you can pop into the main building and hire variety of equipment, including sea kayaks or small motor boats as well. The fees were very reasonable and the kayaks were of good quality. They’re not huge sea going ones that you’d go away on a long trip with, but then they don’t need to be. They’re better suited for a quick tour round Finnhamn itself or the local islands. Saying that it was quite choppy on the day I went out last and the kayak was quite happy in such conditions. It took me about 90 minutes for gentle paddle right round the entire island (it’s that small) and you find the usual lovely beaches along the way, just like the one in the picture here.

If you don’t fancy arranging your own trips manually when you get there, you can book a kayak tour in Stockholm directly here through our partner site.

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