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Autumn Walking in Sweden

As we come to the end of summer in the UK, I’m aware that in many parts of Sweden Autumn is already well on it’s way (although I understand that Stockholm is having a nice late summer this year). It’s at this time of year that I always loved to go walking in Sweden, especially in the mountains up north, as although it’s much colder, most of the mosquitoes are long departed and there are some beautiful autumn colours to be seen. The pictures here are of a camping trip in Storasjöfallet which is an amazing national park in the north of country. It’s well worth a trip if you can find the time, although it is a fair way off the beaten trail. We took the train the Gällivare (which is a direct night train) and then we had to drive for about 2-3 hours from there. We went with a guide and a small group for the trip and it was utterly fantastic. We walked for 6 days without seeing another person, just reindeer, as you can see in the picture, and the most glorious mountain scenery.

reindeer in sweden

Reindeer in the forest

We walked in the first week of September and it was frosty at night, so you needed to be well prepared (early snow could easily have come), and you needed to carry all your food as there were no mountain huts or anything along the way. There a plentiful supply of 2 things though: crisp clear mountain water and blueberries, both of which we indulged in heavily.

The guide we went with can be found at although at the time of writing he’s not actively running tours as he has another role. However his website says that he can put people in touch with Sami guides. I think we were extremely lucky to work with Lennart on that week, as he owned many reindeer and knew the mountains extremely well which is why we were able to get such excellent photos as these and be around the reindeer all week.

Walker, skier, lover of rainy days.

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