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About Undiscovered Stockholm

Sarah and I moved to Stockholm in the spring of 2006 following several years of travelling around Scandinavia for our holidays. We lived there for 6 years and our lives were positively changed because of it. Both our children were born there and the time we spent there was some of the happiest of our lives. Unfortunately in 2012 we needed to suddenly move back to the UK due to a family illness, and we’re currently still in the UK as I write. We regularly travel back to Stockholm as we have so many friends and happy memories there. Once we’ve solved the practicalities of our current situation in England, we’ll probably relocate out to Stockholm again.

We’d grown up and worked in London for many years (although Sarah had also lived in France and Italy) and we were ready for something new. From the first time I arrived in Sweden I knew it was the country for me. This site is a reflection of that love of Sweden and hopefully an insight into some of the things that we discovered when we lived there. I think that we had a unique insight in the time that we lived there. We lived there as a working couple with few commitments and a desire to explore and travel, and we lived there as a family with young children and all that that entails. We had the viewpoint of tourists and foreigners, but as the same time we were residents (with our children in the Swedish school system), and so we had time and opportunity to explore some of the things normally missed by people on holiday.

This site aims to share some of the amazing things that we love about Stockholm and Sweden and is also a nice weekend project for us, to keep our memories fresh whilst we’re in the UK.

About Graham

I was born in London and grew up in Croydon and have spent many years working in the technology sector.

IT Director

Graham in work mode

I’m currently an IT Director for an SaaS products company. I started travelling to Scandinavia in 2001 and was immediately smitten. Sweden soon became my favourite country and I returned time and again to ski in the north and do the tourist thing in the south. In 2005 me and Sarah decided to throw in the towel in London, sell everything and move to Sweden. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I spent 6 glorious happy years there, until I needed to move back to the UK suddenly due to a family illness. I’m currently working out the family issues in the UK, before planning to return to Sweden when it’s all resolved.

I was rubbish at languages at school, but am averagely proficient in Swedish following my time living there. I write occasionally on my personal / tech blog at globalgoat.com.


About Sarah

Sarah’s the clever and educated one in our family. She’s got a degree from Sussex and speaks French and Italian, as well as Swedish and English obviously.

sarahIn the UK she was Assistant Director at Sotheby’s auction house. Currently she’s a full time mother to Matilda and Emilia. When she was in Stockholm she worked part time in the English shop in Stockholm.