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Stockholm is a fantastic city for eating out. Some people may tell you that it’s an expensive city, which is true in some regards, but it depends on where you come from and what currency you’ve converted from (for example, as I write this UK currency is not good value at all for travelling with) and it also depends if you’re taking into account alcohol or not. As with most eating out, alcohol will always push up the price, and eating in Stockholm out is no exception to this. That said there are some great possibilities still out there without breaking the budget, especially if you’re either looking at family friendly restaurants, or also lunch restaurants, where you can have “dagens lunch” which is the name used to represent the special lunch that day in most restaurants.

One of the thing that I most loved about the Swedish  work culture, is the commitment to sit down and have a decent meal for lunch every day. This is completely ingrained in the culture, no more sandwiches at your desk like in the UK! I love this as a culture in its own right, but it was also a fantastic way for me to integrate into the country when I first arrived, as I got to sit down with colleagues and just chew the fat every day over a nice lunch.

fish for lunch in Stockholm

a fish sign outside of a Stockholm restaurant

So although this site does contain some more traditional restaurant reviews and recommendations, there are a plethora of specialist sites out there already doing that, so I focus on my personal preferences, which is great lunch restaurants where you can eat for less than SEK100 all in, or child friendly cafes and restaurants. I remember when I first went to Sweden in 2001 and I had read a few guidebooks and the like about it, and all of them said you had to go and find dagens lunch or Husmanskost, but none of them had any real recommendations of where to find this type of food.

You can view my recommendations by clicking any of the eating relating tags or categories throughout the site. However here are a couple of favourites to get you started.

Wonderful kebabs and pide in Kista Galleria northern suburbs

We used to eat here often at lunch from work, Kista galleria is just a standard shopping centre with the usual chain shops and a food court. However there are lots of IT offices in Kista and a university, meaning that the food court is large and diverse as there’s a big market. Mangal was always a great place to grab some turkish food for less than 100SEK. Our favourite was always the mangal shish – which is 2 lamb skewers, with a fresh bread, some bulgar salad and some normal salad + dips.

Top notch “healthy plates” in Vasastan

I always ate at Cafe Caeser once a week at least when I worked in vasastan. My favourite was there salmon healthy plate (lax hälsotallrik) which has a cooked salmon steak with sauce, pasta or bulgar wheat, and tons of different salad vegetables.