Family activities in Stockholm

Stockholm is an amazing place to either bring up your family or to take your children to. There are just so many family activities in Stockholm to choose from. Unlike some places in the world, children are positively encouraged to take part in just about all areas of life. The simplest example of this is the fact that I struggle to think of ever going to any restaurant or cafe where my children weren’t welcome and where there wasn’t at the very least a child seat or two. Sometimes in the UK I get the impression that I’m not welcome with my children in certain places unless it’s a child designated area, whereas throughout  Sweden I found the absolute opposite to be the case. Children were normally welcomed with open arms.

This video is also a great example of why Stockholm is great for children, and that’s because it’s often very snowy there in winter, and there aren’t many children in the world who don’t love to play around in snow! Just as long as you’ve got some good clothing of course, it’s all about having the right clothing to enjoy the snow.

But of course there’s not just winter activities to enjoy, there’s a plethora of fun things to do with your children all year round, and in the summer there’s so many extra opportunities to get outside with the children as well.

family fun with matilda and goat at skansen

Matilda and a hungry goat at Skansen

For example, here’s a picture of me and Matilda in the goat pen at Skansen in the summer. Skansen is an absolute must when you’re in Stockholm with the children and you can find various thoughts about different bits of it in this site, or through their official website linked above. Skansen is in just about every guidebook or website about Stockholm, and so it ought to be as it’s totally amazing, but across this site we try to identify some other far less common things you can do with your children. You can view some of our thoughts about family life in Stockholm by clicking on the family category from any of the sidebar menus.

My personal favourites of things to do with my children would be as follows (some of these are outside of the centre of town)

1. Go the farm at Järväfältet (which is free) and have lunch whilst you’re there are Helena’s Cafe – who serve what I continue to believe is the best egg and prawn sandwich in Stockholm.

2. Go to Vasaparken in central Stockholm to the amazing children’s outdoor play area.

3. Go to the adventure swimming pool at Sollentuna Badet. There are actually 3 pools there to cover all ages of children. There’s also lovely saunas for the adults as well. There’s even a bowling rink underneath if you’re into that type of thing.

4. Go to Stenninge Slott  – this is a castle up near Arlanda airport in the north. There’s lots of open space in the grounds with amazing views. We used to like playing hide and seek or just running around alot. There’s a great lunch restaurant there, and also a glass shop where sometimes you can see glass blowing demos. They have various special events from time to time as well.

5. Junibacken – this is near to Skansen and can become very crowded as it’s in all the guidebooks. It is great though.

6. The transport museum – if you love trains and bus like me and my children do – this is a great day out – you can even get the bendy blue bus straight there which is double the fun.

7. Take the public ferry with Waxholmsbolaget just to see the sights. This is much better than the inner city tourist boats if you ask me, and probably much cheaper as well. Hop up to Vaxholm from central Stockholm in about 45 minutes, or about 60 if you take the antique boats. You can grab some lunch with the family and watch the boats come and go at the harbour. Or maybe go to the park with the children (it’s only 5 minutes walk away), then hop back on a boat again back to Stockholm. You can visit the castle if you’ve got more time, but even just the boat ride itself is amazing.

And finally don’t forget to get your children the right clothing to enjoy the Swedish outdoors lifestyle! See our other sections of the site about outdoor equipment and clothing for more details. Or try checking out Cotswold outdoors who have a huge range of clothing from Swedish brands.