Outdoor Activities in Stockholm

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When we moved to Sweden in 2006, there were a number of complex reasons and life choices involved, but one thing that I’d always felt about the country as a whole from my visits there in the preceding years was that there would always be numerous possibilities for wonderful outdoor activities, and that that would make me a very happy person.

finnhamn stockholm archipelago

Killing a few minutes waiting for the next ferry

When I think back about all the outdoor activities that I’ve done in Sweden over the years, it’s one of the defining points of my time there. Whether it be alpine skiing, cross country skiing, skating, kayaking, walking, climbing, trekking with Reindeer, watching Elk, wilderness camping, wild swimming or any of the many other activities I’ve done, the opportunities to do them seem to come up time and again and be ingrained in the culture of the country, as it’s one of the reasons that I always felt at home there.

Much of this site is therefore dedicated to writing about some of these outdoor activities, hopefully giving some insight into some of the rarer or less trodden paths to find. Please browse through all the various links and articles, but if you’re looking for quick top 5, then here’s my list 🙂

1. Kayak in the archipelago – even the thought of this still blows my mind, the experience is one like no other in the world in my opinion.

2. Skate on the inland lakes or the inner archipelago in winter

3. Wilderness trekking in the north of the country – walk for days without seeing anything but Reindeer and stunning landscapes

4. Wild swimming in the lakes – I’ve been known to do it naked, but hey, maybe that’s just me, but I do think it adds something to the experience if no-one else is around who might be offended!

5. Wilderness camping – pick your spot and enjoy the tranquility

If you don’t want to arrange all the activities yourself independently, you can book in advance through our Stockholm activity booking site