outdoor gym

Outdoor Gym in Sollentuna

I was staying with friends in Sollentuna earlier in the year and they’d installed this amazing outdoor gym at the north end of Edsviken, right next to Edsvik Konsthall which is a lovely gallery and cafe in its own right. I’ve tried many outdoor gyms, and they’ve become more popular in the UK in recent years as well, but this one stood out as it had many different types of equipment which are not normally seen. Of particular note and my personal favourite (as this is what I do when I go to a normal indoor gym myself) was Olympic barbell style free weights. Now they’re not actually free as you can see from the picture, but they are free enough for you to squat with, clean and press with or variations thereof. This is the only time I’ve ever seen such equipment and there were a few other interest pieces as well which are worth checking out.


looking south over Edsviken

More over, just look at the view! How much better does it get than that. This other photo is looking south from just below the gym, on the path round the edge of Edviken. Here’s a map of its exact location if you don’t know the area.