Sledging in Hagaparken Stockholm

As I write this winter is fast approaching and my recent thoughts have all been of snowy fun in Sweden. I’ll be in Åre in a few weeks myself for some top skiing action, but you can’t get up there every weekend! Fortunately there’s many top winter activities in Stockholm itself and a great one for young and old is Sledging in Hagaparken.

hagaparken winter fun

sledging fun at hagaparken

Here’s a photo of a few of us enjoying the excellent snow in February 2007. Stockholm is a fairly flat city and surrounding area, so the opportunities for downhill skiing and sledging are somewhat limited. Elsewhere on this site you’ll find some good recommendations of places to try skiing in the centre of town, but if you don’t want to go the whole hog and just have a quick mess around in the snow, then an afternoon sledging is always a winner.

Hagaparken has many excellent points which makes it a winner for a sledging day out.

  • A good side safe hill suitable for all ages
  • A nice cafe at the top to warm yourself up and gets some snacks in
  • Fantastic views over the Brunnsviken lake
  • Toilets and facilities in the cafe
  • Easy transport links either by car or public transport.


If you’re worried that you’re on holiday in Stockholm and you haven’t got a sledge, then even this is not a problem as you can nip into any branch of Stadium, of which there’s many distributed throughout Stockholm and pick up a sledge for 150SEK or so. This is what my friends in the picture did, and then they’re so cheap that you don’t even need to worry about taking them home if you don’t want to.